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  1. Bronze 3, but actually a challenger smurf and I play yuumi, panth, and nunu
  2. How to join Infius Gaming Why you should join INF Infius Gaming is built on the foundations of gaming, our sole purpose is to bring together gamers of all times without the hassle. Our number one priority is gaming, our members, and growing as a community. Below are a few perks and reason why we believe you should join INF. Awards, Recognition, and Prizes - We believe everyone is great at something, and strive to reward, recognize and give prizes to those who participate within the community. Leadership Opportunities - We are always looking for people willing to step up and help lead the community. Amazing Community - No matter your race, gender, ethnicity, or beliefs we strive to make our community a fun, and safe environment for everyone. Events, gaming, and more gaming - We are a gaming community, so at the end of the day our main goal is playing games not doing paperwork. Requirements to join INF While we wish we could accept people of all ages, for legal and ethical reasons we have a few requirements that we require people looking to join INF to fulfill first, they are as followed. Be thirteen (13) or older - We want to promote a mature and lax'd environment and feel that it would be un-ethical to allow younger gamers. Be a gamer - While we don't necessarily only want gamers we do want people that at least know how to pick up a controller/keyboard every now and then. Click here to create a new application.
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