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  1. Guide: Linking your TeamSpeak to the Infius ForumsThe following record explains the process of linking your TeamSpeak 3 to our forums via your UUID. OverviewYou are required to keep your TeamSpeak sync'd with the Infius forums at all times. Your TeamSpeak permissions are linked to the website and there is no other way to get them. Having your TeamSpeak linked also provides you with 20xp (2 Reputation) per hour on the forums while actively using/idling in the Infius TeamSpeak. How to Link you TS3 to the forums Linking your TeamSpeak to the forums can be done in a few easy steps: 1) Go to your profile on the Forums - http://prntscr.com/o8tp4d 2) In the top right of your profile banner click "Edit Profile." - http://prntscr.com/o8tp1p 3) Paste your TeamSpeak Unique ID in the box requesting your TeamSpeak UUID - http://prntscr.com/o8town 4) Scroll down and click "Save." - http://prntscr.com/o8tpyy How to get your TeamSpeak UUID from the TeamSpeak client Tools > Identities > Go Advanced > Copy the entire Unique ID on the forums via Step 3 shown above 1) http://prntscr.com/o8tqo7 2) http://prntscr.com/o8tqqn 3) http://prntscr.com/o8tqt0 4) http://prntscr.com/o8tr6c
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Guide: Hosting Events The following record explains how officers can host events, and the rules regarding events. Overview As an officer within Infius you are expected to host events to increase community engagement within your respective division and build relationships with members. In this guide we will be showing you the basics of hosting an event and also awarding event merits to those who attend hosted events. Important Points Events must be posted on the calendar 48 hours prior to the time of the event - Events need to have a 2 day window so that members can clear schedules as needed and so events can run as smoothly as possible Co-Hosts are are recommended but not required - Co-Hosts can be extremely helpful especially if it is a larger event you are hosting, they also can host the event themselves if something for the host comes up Format for events (Event Description) Host: ______ Co-Host: ______ Time: (Time start in your timezone to time end) Event Merits will be awarded to those who attend (Add a screenshot for each hour the event is hosted) Screenshot at beginning: Screenshot at end: Example format: http://prntscr.com/o7my6t Creating an event Go to the Calendar Click "Add Event" https://gyazo.com/d2f54892c28a7ae1ba2b76ab2c4b6bc9 Select what game the event is for Uncheck these boxes https://gyazo.com/e2ffafd580731e325443159719137983 Input the format and fill in your information Make sure "Request RSVP" is checked https://gyazo.com/39193ec8517ed929f27a2f5a612ed9e6 Make your members aware within Discord and make sure they RSVP
  4. Guide: Becoming an Officer The following record explains the process of becoming an officer.. Section Sub-Section Explanation - Point
  5. Guide: Reporting a Member/Officer The following record explains the process members should take to report an individual.. Section Sub-Section Explanation - Point
  6. Guide: Leave of Absence The following record explains the process members must take in order to request LOA. Section Sub-Section Explanation - Point
  7. Guide: Issuing a Strike The following record explains the process officers must take when issuing a strike. Overview As an Officer there may be times where you need to reprimand members of Infius for breaking the Code of Conduct. It is important to remain non-confrontational as an Officer, the best way to do this is to issue a strike. The strike system is designed to tell the user what they did wrong, and how to avoid another strike in the future. Important Points Officers are not permitted to issue strikes to superior officers or reprimand them - if a member of Infius Officership is breaking the CoC you are expected to Contact Leadership with proof. Proof of incident is required to issue a strike - this may be given in the form of a screenshot, multiple witnesses, or video evidence. Keep third party members anonymous - Do not share names of who reported the user, or any other information that could lead to retaliation. Strikes may only be issued within 7 days of the incident - Any further than this will result in the strike being voided. Issuing a Strike If all above criteria is met and you have sufficient evidence to issue a strike you are to follow the procedure listed. Go to the users in questions profile. Click Warn User https://i.gyazo.com/02d14d87ea4bd537aa3b133dbe5cc440.mp4 Select the Strike to issue https://i.gyazo.com/6f036b4940079c654fafa9a8acd0f9db.mp4 In the note for Member add your reason for issuing the strike, evidence and any other notes. https://i.gyazo.com/58bb15019dc18634b2e03c22d51d2a6e.mp4 Click Issue Warning You will be unable to edit a strike once it is issued - ensure you triple check your reason evidence etc. If you have mistakenly issued a strike contact leadership immediately.
  8. I am a GAMER - and choose to be called a GAMER - You are NOT EPIC if you call me a person of play, #GAMERSUNITE
  9. TheeDeer

    Losing xP

    Losing xP The following record explains how members lose xP. Losing xP Below details actions that cause members to lose xP; - Receiving a strike (See Here) - Inactivity on Forums (20 xP / Day)
  10. TheeDeer

    Earning xP

    Earning xP The following record explains how to earn xP. xP converts to Reputation. Gaining xP Below details actions that members of Infius can do to gain xP; - Creating a new Topic (3 xP / Topic) - Commenting on a post (2 xP / Post) - Idling on TeamSpeak (20 xP / Hour) - Typing in Discord (10 xP / x10 Messages) - Recruiting (120 xP / Recruit) - Writing a Guide (100 xP / Guide) - Streaming (20 xP / Hour) - Subscribing (See Below) - Salaries (See Below) Subscriber xP Users who have shown their support to the community gain a monthly salary of xP as a token of thanks. Based on your subscriber tier you will gain; - Infius Blue (120 xP / Month) - Infius Red (200 xP / Month) - Infius Gold (300 xP / Month) Salaries Users who have taken up an officer position within Infius will gain passive xP on a monthly basis each rank is as follows; - Senior Staff+ (400 xP / Month) - Staff (300 xP / Month) - Officers (200 xP / Month)
  11. TheeDeer

    xP Overview

    xP Overview The following record explains the xP system that Infius uses. xP Converts into Reputation. xP Conversion xP allows us to give members of Infius fractional reputation (0.5 REP). This allows us to offer more awards to our members without increasing the Reputation level. xP Converts to reputation on the hour at the conversion of 20:1 (20 xP is 1 REP)
  12. Reputation Levels The following record shows the levels of reputation each member can earn. You can advance a level by earning xp. Reputation Levels The following levels can be achieved by increasing your reputation level. Level 1: Draft Pick (0 Points) Level 2: Rookie (50 Points) Level 3: Veteran (100 Points) Level 4: Olympian (300 Points) Level 5: Ivy League (500 Points) Level 6: Semi Professional (800 Points) Level 7: Professional (1000 Points) Level 8: All-Star (2000 Points) Level 9: Hall of Fame (3000 Points)
  13. Its on the list of things I need to do.
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