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Please fill out the entire application. Failure to fully answer a question may result in delays or application denial

What is your primary game and platform?: League of Legends, Hearthstone, HOTS

What is your skill level/ELO/hours played in your primary game?: Skill Level: Intermediate Level, ELO-Havent played ranked in years. Hours: 2-3 per day.

What is your steam link. LoL Summoner link, Epic username or Uplay?: https://lol.mobalytics.gg/summoner/na/vind3x?season=13

What is your region? (NA, EU, Asia): NA

How old are you?: 26

How did you hear about infius and what is the name of the member who recruited you/made the recruitment post?: Findaclan.com, Portawatch made the post.

Do you agree to idle in our TeamSpeak while in-game?: Teamspeak or Discord, I have both.

Do you acknowledge that you must log in to the website at least once every 14 days to maintain account activity & stay up to date on events?: Yes.

Why would you like to join Infius Gaming and what makes you stand above other applicants?: Looking for a group I can hang out with and play together. Tired of being a solo player. Stand above the rest? I have been in 2 clans before (both as leadership and just a member). I also am a IT in the navy, so I can help with PC issues clan members may have. Also an Eagle Scout and Im married with a 3 year old.

Allow up to 48 hours to receive a response from respective division leadership

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Application Denied.

Applications can be denied for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are, but not limited to:


- Previous bad reputation in Infius. This reason can be justified by preceding bans or complaints from other Infius members.

- Not meeting our minimum age requirement of 13+. This cannot be negotiated and the applicant will be able to re-apply when they are thirteen.

- Showing a lack of effort in the application process.


Whether or not the reason you were denied is one of the reasons listed, you will be private messaged on the forums page by a moderator with your denial purpose.


You may re-apply in seven days.



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