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Fortnite Playstyles, Landing spots and Loadouts (By Snoow)

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Hello! This guide is for new fortnite players who generally want to get better at the game, even tho i am not the best in the world i hope this guide can help you out on becoming better at Fortnite. 


So lets talk about playstyles, there are many playstyles in fortnite one of them being Turtling, which is meant for late game.

So how turtling works, you box up late game using what ever material you want or have left, when the zone move's you move along with it creating another box next to your old one, this playstyle is used by pro's in scrims or in Arena mode. It give's you a better chance to win, because the box help's you block out damage from others. Let's say that you are in one of the last zone's and there's 10 player's left, all of them above you on a mountain also boxed up but have a great shot at sniping you, turtling up would prevent you from getting sniped first try. When you Turtle they have to waste a lot of ammo on choosing which box you are in. This can give you a chance to shoot them with any gun when they are ¨peeking¨ to shoot at you.

Landing Spots

Lets talk about landing spots, there are many place's in fortnite for you to land at, for example shifty shafts or salty springs.

If you can't choose a landing spot that works for you, then i suggest that you play around 10 games and each game land at a different spot, in each game you should think where inside of your landing spot you land, lets say you land at salty springs, there are so many different buildings there that you cant decide on which one to land. So if you find Salty Springs as one of the landing spots you would want to land at again, you should definitely land at every building and find which one you find easiest to land at and which one has overall the best loot spawn, in Salty Springs you can find a blue building really close to front/back of Salty, in the so called ¨Blue House¨ there are approximately 4 chest's, that means that it has a good chance of having good loot. When you find a landing spot best for yourself where you feel like it has great loot spawn and other good stuff like movement, Hoverboards or Ziplines, you should try to land at every building inside that one landing spot.

But of course you can land at every single spot on the whole fortnite map and find out what is the spot best suited for you, of course if you cant choose between all the different spots in fortnite, you can land at a different location each game and see what happens.


Lets talk about loadouts, the normal load out alot of players play with is Shotgun, SMG and AR, and healing items such as bandages or mini shields.

But to find the best loadout that works for you is kinda hard, you can try different loadouts such as Shotgun, Desert Eagle, AR (and RPG), but these are just some examples, when ever you want to try something new you should go for it, cause you never know if you could create the next best loadout in the game, either for yourself or for everyone!

Finding your desired loadout is though, but you should always try new things, because maybe one day you will find your own loadout that you want to use, but you could also just not have your own desired loadout, you could always just go with whatever you find on the ground and try to work with it.


So that is it Folks! I hope this guide helped you at finding yourself your own playstyle, landing spot or loadout. See you in fortnite!

Thank you!


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