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  1. Application Accepted. Welcome to Infius. We are very happy to have you as an addition to our community. During your time here, we hope to make memories and experiences you won't ever forget. ___ Now that you are officially an Initiate, we should fill you in on how you can get settled in & get in touch with the rest of the community in a much easier fashion! Upon being accepted as an Initiate you will be required to fulfill the below requirements within 7 days of acceptance to obtain Member. Earn 10 Reputation How to earn reputation (Guide) Link TeamSpeak & Discord to the Forums How to Link TeamSpeak (Guide) How to Link Discord (Guide) Linking Your Discord The Infius Gaming Discord is used for text based communications only & can be joined here: https://infiusgaming.org/forums/index.php?/discord/invite/vf8VHFj/ Sign in & Click ‘Authorize’. Joining our TeamSpeak Server Nickname or Address: ts.infiusgaming.org Nickname: (Enter your forum username here) You will be required to idle in TeamSpeak while gaming. This promotes activity within the community and allows members to see when you are online. Useful Links If you have not yet downloaded TeamSpeak You can do so here - https://teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ You can view our roster & reach out to your division manager for assistance here: https://infiusgaming.org/roster Most of your questions can be answered here: https://infiusgaming.org/forums/code-of-ops/ ___ If you have any other questions regarding your acceptance or anything else at all, feel free to contact a moderator. GLHF. Love, Infius.
  2. Rocket League 2v2 Tournament. Teams are done based on rank (Meaning lowest rank with highest). Depending on how many Players attend, the tournament format is either a Round Robin where every team plays eachother or a double elimination bracket. This tournament is for every rank. Please be 5 minutes before in the Teamspeak under the Rocket League Meeting Room to make sure that you get a teammate and a spot in the bracket Host: @aZure Co-Host: - Time: 23:00pm GMT+2 / 5:00 pm EST Event Merits will be awarded to those who attend
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