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  1. Hello infiusGaming, I am Abuhelltron YT and I play on pc/ps4. My primary game is fortnite but sometimes I play GTA RP. I consider myself an amateur in fortnite( not that good nor that bad). I have been playing it since season 3( I had played 1-2 matches in season 1).on weekdays I play 3 hours and on weekends 6 hours. My epic username is Abuhelltron my region is middle East in fortnite. I am 13.(going to be 14 in January) I wanted to find a gaming clan so I found you through the website lookingforaclan.com Yes, I agree. yes I agree From when I started gaming I wanted to be in a gaming clan. I have been in to some clans but those have not been so good. This is the first clan that is not toxic and recruits all types of gamers. I have been gaming since 2015 on ps4 and just shifted onto pc and saw a huge gameplay change. I wanted to become more competitive and wanted to join a clan. So I found yours through lookingforaclan.com. I will delighted I get recruited and if not I have no problems. yours truly, Abuhelltron YT Allow up to 48 hours to receive a response from respective division leadership
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