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    I like playing video games, maybe too much. I also have a hobby in Table Tennis, and jumping on trampolines. I really like meeting and playing with new people, which is why I signed up here :D

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  1. So the major has started, and I was thinking about who would win. I made a poll for y'all so go vote and let's see what the Infius Gaming community thinks! :] Just to note - I only put the top 15 teams in, if you think another team will win, share it in the replies ;D Poll Link: https://strawpoll.com/k4p479h2 You can share your vote in the replies down below! ^v^
  2. Okay so you're saying that if you don't like anime no one is allowed to like anime? Everyone need to think anime is bad? Come back to real world buddy :]
  3. I think Faceit is better in competitive 5v5's, but I don't recommend playing SoloQ, in my experience you should have a mate to play with if you're playing faceit. ESEA is a better place to SoloQ, but it costs.
  4. Yay I got accepted =D Hopefully I can found some new ground on this cool org and hopefully get some new friends!

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