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  1. I literally got everyone wrong lmao
  2. Silver Coin is the best anyways :')
  3. For Future References, This website has its own poll system! I think it'll be easier for you to control.
  4. I thought About getting that same mouse, but I love my EC1-A Zowie.
  5. What did you guys pick for the Challenger's Stage and How is it going for you so far?
  6. Are there servers like baited that are located in North America?
  7. I agree with this fully!
  8. I do this every Tuesday and Thursday, Lmao!
  9. I've been primarily play matchmaking for the last few months, Should I start doing FACEIT or ESEA? I feel like its time for me to start playing 3rd party clients.
  10. Im gonna try this one thanks!
  11. What do you guys do as a warm up before competitive play? Comment below, I'm trying to see what you guys do
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