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  1. Please fill out the entire application. Failure to fully answer a question may result in delays or application denial. What is your primary game and platform?: My primary game is fortnite and I play on PS4 but use keyboard and mouse so its PC lobbies. What is your skill level/hours played in your primary game?: I play every other day and im decent at the game. What is your steam link. LoL Summoner link, Epic username or Uplay?: My Epic name is YungBastin What is your region? (NA, EU, Asia): My region is NA How old are you?: I am 14 years old How did you hear about infius and what is the name of the member who recruited you/made the recruitment post?: I found Infias on a clan website and I made myself do this. Do you agree to idle in our TeamSpeak while in-game?: Yes Do you acknowledge that you must log intop the website at least once every 14 days to maintain account activity & stay up to date on events?: Yes Why would you like to join Infius Gaming?: I don't know I just want to join a clan. Allow up to 48 hours to receive a response from respective division leadership
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