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  1. I personally made my binds all by myself. Went through the list of binds and picked which keys felt most comfortable according to importance of the action. For example I have my wall and ramp on my two side mouse buttons. I originally had my floor and roof as Q and E, but I tended to never use my roof which is crucial for certain strategies while fighting. So I eventually switched it to T because R is reload & I was already using F for edit and C for inventory, X for map. T was pretty successful, but before I could get used to it I got a new mouse with a few more buttons. Made my roof to a comfortable third button around the area of my thumb on my mouse, and now I can’t get enough of roof edit plays. It’s all trial and error really. If you notice you aren’t using something as frequently as you’d like, it’s probably time to try something new.
  2. SpaghettiGuzzler

    Fortnite Zone Wars

    Join us in zone wars at 7PM EST this Thursday! Hosted by: @Luroux Streamed by: @ImPooks, @SpaghettiGuzzler & @Incrius
  3. Lol here is my battlestation for now though. Specs: CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 MOBO - ASRock B450M Pro4 GPU - Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB RAM - G.Skill Ripjaw V 16GB DDR4-3200 HDD - Inland 240 GB SSD PSU - PowerSpec 650W 80 Plus Monitor - AOC C24G1 Case - DIYPC D480-W-RGB White Dual USB 3.0 Mouse Pad - HyperX Fury S XL Mouse - Logitech Darkfield Anywhere MX Keyboard - Logitech G213 HAHA ALSO FUCK MOBILE FORMATTING
  4. Every time I buy a little cool edition to my battlestation, I come back to reddit (or here in this instance) wanting to spend another thousand dollars rip.
  5. Can I join this team

    1. SpaghettiGuzzler


      The Fortnite Competitive team? Or casual?

    2. Piddyface


      I’m a bit above average what would you recommend?

    3. SpaghettiGuzzler


      I mean I would recommend our casual team to everyone here! There's plenty of people to play with all the time. If you'd still like to try out for the competitive team just let me know and we can arrange you a tryout.

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