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  1. @Mortamarmorgan Basically where our trials go when they're second seat for a main spot on the team.
  2. Welcome to the community! My name is Bearr, I'm the division manager for the League of Legends Infius division. You're currently put into a team in bravo "company" because you're probably a trial/fresh recruit. This is a temporary thing while I figure out tryouts. As we finish tryouts we're going to be moving main players into alpha "company" this means that for the moment you're going to be on that team and up to the team leaders discretion. If you could please put your main role and your ELO in your profile that'd mean a lot as it'll make my life a lot easier. ALL SPOTS ARE COMPETITIVE That being said this is how the breakdown is going to go: Alpha: These will be changed as needed. Team A - Diamond/Plat1+ Team B - Gold/Plat 2> Team C - Silver> Team D - Academy Team E - Casual These ranks are not the end all be all, if someone in an above team believes you belong there or you believe you can compete for that spot then you're more than allowed to try for it. This is just a basic layout for my own sanity.
  3. Application Denied. Applications can be denied for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are, but not limited to: - Previous bad reputation in Infius. This reason can be justified by preceding bans or complaints from other Infius members. - Not meeting our minimum age requirement of 13+. This cannot be negotiated and the applicant will be able to re-apply when they are thirteen. - Showing a lack of effort in the application process. Whether or not the reason you were denied is one of the reasons listed, you will be private messaged on the forums page by a moderator with your denial purpose. You may re-apply in seven days.
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