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  1. 🎉 Happy Birthday! 🎉

    Thank you for all that you do, it would be much harder without you!

  2. How to link your Discord Code of Ops | Guides Overview Upon joining Infius Gaming you agreed to follow Member Compliance, one requirement to be compliant is having your Discord connected to the website at all times. Linking your Discord to our website is essential to being a member within Infius as Discord is our main form of text-based communication. How to link your Discord Linking your Discord is simple; click this link and hit "Login to Discord and Accept". Once done your account will be linked and you will be given your proper permissions.
  3. Hosting Events Code of Ops | Guides Overview As an officer within Infius you are expected to host events to increase community engagement within your respective division and build relationships with members. In this guide we will be showing you the basics of hosting an event and also awarding event merits to those who attend hosted events. Important Points Events must be posted on the calendar 36 hours prior to the time of the event - Events need to have a window so that members can clear schedules as needed and so events can run as smoothly as possible Co-Hosts are are recommended but not required - Co-Hosts can be extremely helpful especially if it is a larger event you are hosting Co-hosts also can host the event themselves if the host becomes unable to attend. Format for events (Event Description) Host: ______ Co-Host: ______ Time: (Time start in your time zone to time end) Event Merits will be awarded to those who attend (Add a screenshot for each hour the event is hosted) Screenshot at beginning: Screenshot at end: Example format: http://prntscr.com/o7my6t Creating an event Go to the Calendar Click "Add Event" https://gyazo.com/d2f54892c28a7ae1ba2b76ab2c4b6bc9 Select what game the event is for Uncheck these boxes https://gyazo.com/e2ffafd580731e325443159719137983 Input the format and fill in your information Make sure "Request RSVP" is checked https://gyazo.com/39193ec8517ed929f27a2f5a612ed9e6 Make your members aware within Discord and make sure they RSVP
  4. How to earn Reputation Code of Ops | Guides Overview To learn about Reputation and XP read Reputation Overview. Below is a list of ways to earn REP/XP. Earning XP & Reputation Automatic (added to users automatically when preforming the below tasks) Creating a topic on the Forums - 2XP / Topic Commenting on a topic - 1XP / Comment Sending messages in our Discord - 20XP / 10x Messages Becoming an Officer - 200-400XP / Month Manual (Added to users manually when preforming the below tasks) Recruiting an Initiate - 120XP / Recruit Writing a Guide - 100XP / Guide Streaming - 40 XP / Hour Following our social medias - 20 XP / Follow Twitch YouTube Twitter Facebook Instagram Steam Group Submit a request for reputation with screenshot proof of the follow HERE
  5. How to link your TeamSpeak Code of Ops | Guides Overview You are required to keep your TeamSpeak sync'd with the Infius forums at all times. Your TeamSpeak permissions are linked to the website and there is no other way to get them. Having your TeamSpeak linked also provides you with 20xp (1 Reputation) per hour on the forums while actively using/idling in the Infius TeamSpeak. How to Link your TS3 to the forums Linking your TeamSpeak to the forums can be done in a few easy steps: 1) Go to your profile on the Forums: http://prntscr.com/o8tp4d 2) In the top right of your profile banner click "Edit Profile": http://prntscr.com/o8tp1p 3) Paste your TeamSpeak Unique ID in the box requesting your TeamSpeak UUID: http://prntscr.com/o8town 4) Scroll down and click "Save.": http://prntscr.com/o8tpyy 5) Load into the Infius TeamSpeak How to get your TeamSpeak UUID from the TeamSpeak client Tools > Identities > Go Advanced > Copy the entire Unique ID on the forums via Step 3 shown above 1) http://prntscr.com/o8tqo7 2) http://prntscr.com/o8tqqn 3) http://prntscr.com/o8tqt0 4) http://prntscr.com/o8tr6c You MUST load into the Infius TeamSpeak server to complete the link
  6. Initiation Overview Code of Ops | Initiation Overview After being accepted into Infius Gaming users will be put into Initiation. Initiation is the first step in becoming apart of the Community, those that wish to become full members of Infius will be required to fulfill Initiation Requirements. The Initiation program was created August 2019 with the intentions of increasing the quality of our member base. Previously there were a lot of users joining just to be apart of an organization but never participating in them. The goal of Initiation is to weed these people out and allow for dedicated and committed users entry. Initiate Requirements Upon being accepted as an Initiate users will be required to fulfill the below requirements within 7 days of acceptance to obtain Member. Earn 10 Reputation How to earn reputation (Guide) Link TeamSpeak & Discord How to Link TeamSpeak (Guide) How to Link Discord (Guide) Be on TeamSpeak when In-Game Becoming a full member Users who have fulfilled initiation requirements will automatically be promoted to member. Those who failed to reach their requirments by day 7 will be set to Registered Guest and required to reapply.
  7. TheeDeer

    July 2019 News

    July 2019 News | By TheeDeer Important Announcements Subscriptions have been removed (for now) It has come to our attention that there was little to no incentive to purchase a subscription, thus for the time being we have removed the system until we can work out a few kinks. Website Redesign As some of you may know the website ran into an issue that required for it to be re-installed on our web server. Thus the website had to be redone completely, with this we are implementing new systems and forums. We hope these changes are for the better and lead us to success. Initiation It has come to our attention that the jump from applicant to member is a big jump, thus we have added the initiate rank to ease people into membership. The Initiate rank will be given to accepted applicants. Initiates can achieve member by linking their Discord, and TeamSpeak as well as getting 10 or more reputation in 7 days. Liaison Liaison has been revamped along with the release of initiation. This newly formed group will be lead by @Mortamarmorgan and will be in charge of initiates, as well as processing applications upon acceptance. Liaison is the first major group to be added to Infius we hope that this addition will help aid us in growth over the next few months. Members of the Month Congratulations to the following members on achieving MOTM: Member of the Month: @Raphuel Officer of the Month: @SpaghettiGuzzler Staff of the Month: @Luroux Birthdays We hope those with a birthday in July had an amazing day; @Britz @Xursy @Not_Fall3n @McGeek @ShAdez @CreaD Promotions Congratulations to: @Skippy Dinglechalk promoted to eSports Manager. @LukeTh1ghWalker promoted to Community Manager - NA. @Bearrr promoted to Manager - League of Legends Alpha. @Juggs promoted to Manager - Rocket League Alpha. @JACIV promoted to Manager - CSGO Alpha. @TheDoctorPK promoted to Manager - Fortnite Alpha. @Britz promoted to Manager - Overwatch Alpha. @Boif promoted to Manager - Rainbow 6 Alpha. @SubjectFury promoted to Manager - Fortnite Bravo. @Mortamarmorgan promoted to Manager - Liaison @Luroux promoted to Manager - Infius Media @aZure promoted to Co-Manager - Rocket League Alpha. @Tiz promoted to Co-Manager - Rocket League Alpha. @Incrius promoted to Co-Manager - Fortnite Alpha. @SorceryPePe promoted to Co-Manager - Fortnite Alpha. @Sccrdude64 promoted to Team Leader Rocket League Alpha Team A. @Xuatho promoted to Team Leader CSGO Alpha Team A. @Serpent2k promoted to Team Leader CSGO Alpha Team C. @Icotic promoted to Team Leader Fortnite Alpha Team A. @SpaghettiGuzzler promoted to Team Leader Fortnite Alpha Team B. @NickR promoted to Team Leader Fortnite Alpha Team C. @NYLEGEND promoted to Team Leader Fortnite Alpha Team D. @mocojo2 promoted to Team Leader Rainbow 6 Alpha Team B. @Infius_Phantom promoted to Team Leader Rainbow 6 Alpha Team C.
  8. TheeDeer


    Campaigns Code of Ops | Events Overview Campaigns are incentivized community wide events generally lasting the duration of the month they are hosted. These events are intended to in various ways promote community growth while also providing a monetary incentive to Infius members. Expectations Senior Leadership enjoys the opportunity to provide such a beneficial program to it's members however, all campaign rules are expected to be followed. A majority of these events are competitive to a degree and if anyone is found to be cheating the system to gain an advantage disciplinary action will be taken as needed. Rewards Rewards are issued either via mail to your home address or PayPal. Winners of Campaign events must privately message a member of leadership with information necessary to issue the rewards.
  9. TheeDeer


    Attendance Code of Ops | Events Expectations Event Hosts go through a lot of effort to ensure a great variety and quality of events are available for you to attend. So as an Attendee you must: Show up on time to allow the host to start the event promptly. Link your TeamSpeak account to your Forum account in order to receive merits for Events hosted on Teamspeak. Ensure you have RSVP'd to the event in the Calendar Stay for the full duration of the event (if less than one hour) or at least 1 hour of a multi-hour event to receive REP. For multi-hour events, you will be awarded another merit for each additional full hour you remain in the event. Be online (on TeamSpeak) for the duration of the event. Reporting Negligence in Events If you have experienced an event where the Host did not show up, or the event was not properly explained, you should report it. To do so, make sure: You take a screenshot of proof of the negligent occurrence (host not showing up, description not being complete) You report the event directly via the Calendar event at the bottom below the event details. An officer of Liaison will review the report and manage any disciplinary action Do not be shy about this. It is important to keep event quality high so your feedback is important!
  10. TheeDeer

    Event Overview

    Event Overview Code of Ops | Events Overview Events are one of the most essential parts of Infius. Events allow the opportunity for members to earn reputation, meet like minded gamers and enjoy the environment and fundamentals Infius was founded on. Calendars Casual Events is for casual events (in-house events, scrims and tournaments) that are open to anyone in Infius. Competitive Events is for competitive rosters to host their weekly training sessions, they are by invitation only. Division Meetings is for Division Staff and member meetings. Leadership Meetings is for Leadership and Senior Staff meetings. Officers who post events in wrong section will be penalized after repeated occurrences. Planning an Event The Hosting Officer will be held accountable for the event and must ensure: Events must be scheduled using whole hour blocks in the correct Calendar. Each event must be created for a single game played; if multiple games are to be played, separate events are required. Events need to be posted 36 hours in advance. Any official event (which awards REP) can only be hosted by an Officer+ Back-to-back events are hosted by different Hosts, as a mandatory 30 min event hosting cool down applies after hosting. Officer+ may enforce RSVP'ing for events relating to their own Division or Team Every event must have the RSVP function set to ON. Creating and Event When creating an Event in a Calendar, the Hosting Officer must: Ensure the correct format is used. Click here to see how this is done. Each event must be a uniquely created event. Do not use the "This event repeats" function. Ensure the event has the following in the description filled out: Hosting Officer: Event merit granted/ not granted: Details:
  11. TheeDeer

    In-Game Conduct

    In-Game Conduct Code of Ops | Conduct Overview Given how gaming is central to what the Community is about, it is only natural that there be there be a set of standards for everyone to follow. Game Client Behavior Penalties will be issued for the following conduct: Intentionally using a new/alt Game Client account with the intent to bypass any activity management system Failing to accept a friend request from an Activity Manager or an Officer in your Chain of Command. Pretending to be someone else through username or actions Add all of your Division Officers on your respective Game Client (even better if you add your whole Division) Game Client Behavior Deliberate Mistakes & Negligence Penalties will be issued for the following negligent conduct: Throwing matches or neglecting responsibilities in a game Deliberately carrying out actions to harm team progress in a game Being toxic towards others in game (including to the public/non-Infius members) Failing to report other member's dishonest activities will render you as an accomplice Cheating, Hacking & Being Toxic Severe Penalties will be issued for the following dishonest conduct: Hacking or Cheating in anyway in a multiplayer game that has anti-cheat software (eg. VAC) Engaging in any trade scamming or phishing on Steam or in game Failing to report other member's dishonest activities will render you as an accomplice Remember that your actions reflect on Infius and as such it is expected you will consistently present yourself in a professional manner. We will not hesitate to remove a malicious or toxic member from the community. The INF Tag & Representation Wearing the INF tag in game is optional for all non eSports members/initiates except for the following circumstances: When participating in Tournaments outside of Infius When engaging in a Scrim vs another Community/Team outside Infius When participating in any other form of external gaming competition (including LANs) THE INFIUS GAMING TAG IS: INFIUS.(NAME) When registering for an external event, tournament or scrim the Roster must: Name/present itself as "Infius" or "Infius Gaming" Use the official Infius branding/logo Note: If multiple teams are entering the same event, then differentiating teams using "Colors" is permitted, for example: "Infius Blue" or "Infius Alternate Blue" as this draws the focus of the name to Infius allowing for appropriate representation to occur. Using personalized team names, Division names or any other form of naming in external events, competitions or tournaments is not permitted and will result in penalties.
  12. TheeDeer

    Officer+ Conduct

    Officer+ Conduct Code of Ops | Conduct Overview Being a Leader in Infius entails maintaining composure and professionalism, as a result of having to be an example for our members and lead them by example. Accumulating Strike points as a Leader (Officer+) Officer+ who receive a strike that leaves them with a total of 6 warning points or higher will earn a mandatory demotion to a member rank, accompanied by the appropriate Officer Ban. Multi-clanning as a Leader (Officer+) Any Officer+ is strictly forbidden to be in another community/clan/Organization; if you are caught you will be immediately without question be blacklisted permanently from Infius. Upholding and Enforcing the Code of Ops Any officer who fails to uphold the Code of Ops within their team/ division/ house will receive an instant demotion, Lack of Leadership Qualities strike and an Officer Ban.
  13. TheeDeer

    Discord Conduct

    Discord Conduct Code of Ops | Conduct Overview Discord is an alternate form of communication used for text based chat only. Linking Discord Discord linking is a condition of membership in Infius. Therefore Discord must be linked to your forum account in order for you to earn reputation and is used for text based communication. Therefore, it is mandatory and failure to do so will result in a strike or removal from Infius. Click here to see how to do it. Discord Activity While Discord is not Infius's primary form of communication it is strongly encouraged to utilize the community Discords in order to earn reputation and build relationships with other members. Infius eSports Infius eSports members are required to use the Infius eSports Discord in leu of the community TeamSpeak per the terms of our contracts. Infius eSports teams are not required to engage in the community Discord but are required to abide by community Discord conduct guidelines while interacting with community members. *Exceptions Some online tournaments mandate the use of their discords. In this case eSports members are to abide by all Infius Discord conduct guidelines and contractual guidelines in addition to the tournament hosting Discord rules/guidelines. The three types of spam Useless Content Content on the forum must add to the conversation or topic. This can be of any level including: emoji or images to express a reaction; comments or statements based on previous contributions; jokes; memes; etc. Duplicate Content Repetitive content posted in short periods of time will not be tolerated and will result in penalties. Malicious Content Malicious Content is strictly forbidden. The use of bots, or posting of URLs that cause or threaten to cause damage to another user or the forum will result in severe penalties and removal from the community. Clan Advertisement Advertisement of another Clan/Community/Organization is strictly forbidden and will result in an instant blacklist from Infius. Members are permitted to be in other communities but not advertise them.
  14. TheeDeer

    TeamSpeak Conduct

    TeamSpeak Conduct Code of Ops | Conduct Overview TeamSpeak is critical for the conduct of everyday community operations, events and meetings and as such also has standards to ensure the platform is pleasant for everyone. Linking TeamSpeak TeamSpeak linking is a condition of membership in Infius. Therefore TS must be linked to your forum account in order for you to be eligible for event merits and in order to track TeamSpeak activity. Therefore, it is mandatory and failure to do so will result in a strike or removal from Infius. Click here to see how to do it. TeamSpeak Activity Requirements Idling in TeamSpeak while in game You are required to be on TeamSpeak when you are in game - irrespective of whether the game you are playing is related to Infius or is single player. Being on the Community's Discord does not substitute the need to be on TeamSpeak. *Exceptions Infius eSports are not required to idle in the Infius TeamSpeak unless they are gaming with a community member. Infius eSports members are required to utilize the Infius eSports Discord while representing Infius. Be Recognizable -Your nickname on TeamSpeak must always contain your forum username- (e.g. exactly the same, optionally with additional text IE. PORTAWATCH ~ AFK or PORTAWATCH - Poke me). Intentionally using a new/secondary ID with the intent to bypass any ban, restriction or other discipline or activity management system will incur severe penalties. Pretending to be someone else through username or actions will incur severe penalties. Being Disruptive Entering DND Channels DND stands for "Do not Disturb". Never enter or poke the users in a DND channel unless you are invited before joining. This includes sub-channels within main DND channel. Doing so will incur penalties. Fix your microphone Having continuous erroneous/disturbing voice activation, or if someone other than the member is using their TeamSpeak, they are eligible to be removed from the channel/server and issued a temporary ban. Repeat offenses will incur more severe penalties. Using Soundboards Generally speaking, soundboards are not permitted in MOST channels. Entering random channels and spamming with soundboards will incur penalties. If you need to use soundboards, create a temporary channel and place "Soundboards OK" in the channel name so members joining the channel are aware. Using Locked Channels No members (or officers/staff) may reside in unauthorized locked channels/ client limited channels other than for the purposes of media team managed streams or exceptional circumstances. Clan Advertisement Advertisement of another Clan/Community/Organization is strictly forbidden and will result in an instant blacklist from Infius. Members are permitted to be in other communities but not advertise them.
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